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Pest Control Service Covering;

Tested & Guaranteed

FullyTested by The Arizona State University"s Entomology Department.

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​​Pesticide Free

Pesticides are not safe and highly ineffective. Life threatening.

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Permanent Pest Control

Finally One Time Permanent Pest Control Without The Use Of Pesticides.

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is more important

than your family!

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Scorpion Pest Control Service

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Pest Control Without Pesticides!

Scorpion Control and Prevention


Pest Borders​  LLC

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​​Permanent Scorpion Pest Control and Prevention

                     95% All Insects Including Termites

                         One Time and You are Done

                             The Only Real Solution

I recently had Pest Borders come out and install a scorpion border around my house and I have yet to see any kind of bug in my house or on my back porch. Their representative was very thorough and communicated very well on when he was to be at my house, also cleaned up whatever mess was made from the install, I didn't have to lift a finger :) if I ever buy another house I will be calling on Pest Borders again!


The Pest Border is a one time installation for the life of your home, at a very affordable cost. It completely eliminates the entry of scorpions, termites, spiders, crickets, and many other pests from entering and without pesticides. It eliminates your monthly pest control bill, so you pay only once. But most importantly - no more harmful chemicals in and around your home. Stop throwing away your money, and stop putting your loved ones at risk. Contact us today.