Do not be fooled by Scorpion Pest Control Guarantees

Daytime spraying is largely ineffective. The most effective scorpion management method is nighttime black-light collecting. This statement is written by the leading entomology research center in the world, you can read this and much more about scorpions by clicking on the link below.

The fact of the matter is that conventional pest control ie: spraying of pesticides and or application of powders is not highly effective. No matter what you are told when a scorpion walks across a treated area the only parts of their bodies that are exposed is thee tips of their appendages or little feet. This is not enough exposure to kill them. Scorpions do not drag their abdomens on the ground their bodies do not come in contact with pesticides that have been applied to your home unless they squeeze through a crack or seam that has been treated and their bodies come in contacted with the treated surface. Scorpions do not groom themselves like cockroaches do rubbing their antennas and bodies with their pesticide exposed feet. This is why Arizona State Universities Entomology Department states that daytime spraying is ineffective. The pest control companies know this. Most of them are using the word guaranteed now. It of course is a marketing deception. Is their guarantee a money back guarantee – absolutely not! Its a guarantee that if you see a scorpion after treatment they will come back and spray your home again with more poison. Even after that they know it is not going to eliminate scorpions from your home or yard, but they know also there is no other alternative for you except to have them coming back on a regular basis to spray harmful chemicals around and in your home. Ofcourse now there is another way and that is The Pest Border Barrier System. A little fyi, in nevada the pest control laws are much more strict. Here in Arizona it is common for these same Pest Control Companies to use the word “safe”. Like safe for your family and pets. In Nevada it is against the law to use the word safe or any other term that implies that pesticides whether derived from plant life or man made are safe to use.

The Pest Border Barrier is the only system that is proven by research studies conducted by The Entomology Research Center Of ASU In Maricopa and 7 years on homes throughout Arizona and Nevada.

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