August 1, 2016

Pest Border Scorpion Pest Control FAQ

FAQ   Pest Border FAQ

How does the Pest Border work?

Scorpions, many types of spiders, termites, crickets, and other insects do not have the ability to climb very smooth surfaces such as glass. Simply put we completely surround your home and garage with our patent pending Pest Border product at the very bottom of your exterior walls and interior walls of your garage, under all door ways, columns, and conduit leading to home. The pests walk from the ground to the Pest Border, they can not climb it – they cannot get onto your home – therefore they cannot get into your home.

What other Pests does the Pest Border prevent?

Scorpions, Subterranean Termites, Vast array of Spiders, including Black Widow and Brown Recluse, Crickets, Centipedes, any insect or pest that does not have aroelia (sticky, suction ability on there feet).

How do scorpions and other pests get into my home?

Many people think scorpions come through the front door, this might be true for some and that is why we protect all of your entry ways. The most common entry points in homes is through the weep holes (see our page ” home sealing”) and your roof.
Of course if there are any cracks or openings, electrical boxes, poorly sealed windows, light fixtures, the Pest Border prevents entry for any and all possibilities.

What stops scorpions from going behind the Pest Border?

The Pest Border is sealed on both top and bottom with an all weather silicone adhesive, it is impossible for scorpions or other pests to climb up behind the Pest Border.

What if the Pest Border gets dirty and is there any maintenance necessary?

Maintenance is minimal. Normal dust on the Pest Border will not effect the Pest Border effectiveness. We do suggest that every few months the Border is dusted off, its best to use a duster with a longer handle so that when you go around your home you do not need to bend. If you have exposed dirt under the Pest Border and we have a rain storm, there is the possibility of mud splashing up onto the Pest Border, if this should happen, it is best to wash off the mud with a garden hose or bucket of water with a sponge. It is necessary to towel dry the Pest Border if you use our tap water due to the amount of minerals in the water, you do not want mineral deposit building up on the Pest Border, this will effect the effectiveness. The Pest Border company does offer a service to maintain the cleanliness, we visit every 3 months at an affordable fee.

What do I do if there were any scorpions in my home before the Pest Border was installed?

There are a couple of ways to get rid of any scorpions that might be lurking around inside your home that were there before the Pest Border installation. One is what we call our moisture lure, the other would be a thorough sweep. Pest Borders can help with both.