How to get rid of scorpions permanently

How you can get rid of scorpions permanently from coming into your home. Scorpions are very difficult to control if you have them on your property. Through decades of trying to control them with the use of pesticides we have found this method is largely ineffective. Scorpions are part of the arachnid family and like spiders they do not drag their abdomens on the ground. The only part of their body that contacts the ground is the tips of their appendages. With that in mind they also do not groom themselves with their appendages like cockroaches do. So when scorpions walk across a pesticide treated area, only the tips of their appendages are exposed to the pesticide and again since they do not groom themselves the pesticide never makes it to their bodies. Therefore the pesticide has no effect on the scorpion. Pesticides can be effective in killing a scorpion if it is sprayed directly on it or the scorpion squeezes through something that has been treated and their body is in contact with the pesticide. Spraying around your home or structure is a surface coating that the scorpion can walk across with no threat to their lives. This is why scorpions are so difficult to control if you have a presence on your property. How you can completely keep scorpions from entering your home is with the use of a physical barrier designed to work against their anatomical abilities. Scorpions do not fly, jump, or dig. In order for a scorpion to enter your home they need to climb onto it from the ground surface. Anatomically scorpions do not have the ability to climb very smooth surfaces. Scorpions need texture to hook onto to get a grip like concrete, brick, stucco, wood, etc. Once they are on the home there are many entry points for them to get inside. Most commonly in the southwest are your weep holes which surround the entire home. They are located right where the stucco starts at the bottom of your home. They are circular openings that allow air to flow through the interior of your wall. This is the most common and first entry point closest to the ground. By placing a very smooth surface vertically on the home beneath these weep holes you have now created a physical barrier impossible for the scorpion to cross and reach all entries to the home (see wikipedia bark scorpion control and prevention:

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