Moving to Arizona and want to learn about Scorpions?

Moving to Arizona and want to learn about Scorpions?

The Bark Scorpion is the number one most popular scorpion in the southwest and unfortunately the most venomous of scorpions in the United States. If you are planning to move to Arizona or Southern Nevada or already live here and are curious about these creatures we will try to cover the most important points in this article.

First a little about Bark Scorpions

Bark Scorpions are found all throughout Arizona, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, and even Texas. Here in Arizona they are plentiful, and quite resilient. During the summer months they thrive and are most active. Winter and fall is a hibernation period for them although the past few years the winters in Arizona (especially the phoenix area) have been on the mild side. We depend on winter freezes to reduce the number of scorpions by freezing to death. A bark scorpion needs to be in a frozen state for more than six hours in order for it to die. Normally here in the desert we have two or three freezes during the winter months, but for the past four years this has not been the case, therefore no reduction in scorpion population. Bark Scorpions are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night and when we get into the summer and temperatures are exceeding ninety degrees throughout the night they are out and about. Please understand that everyone here does not have scorpions on their properties or in their homes. As a matter of fact many people that live here have never seen a scorpion, but again many have and have to deal with them daily. Living closer to the outer perimeter of the valley, being that you are closer to the desert wilderness, of course brings you closer to desert wildlife. Phoenix being a valley this would be the case for any town on the outside of the valley. If you live in downtown phoenix chances are you will never see a scorpion, but living in Gilbert, or Surprise, or Scottsdale, there is a better chance of having them present. Phoenix has drain washes running throughout, for rain waters to run through, living near a wash or open land will also increase the possibility of having them near. Moisture is the biggest attractant of Bark Scorpions. Some of the Pest Control Companies will claim that it is the food source that attracts them to your property, and if you have your property treated with pesticides on a regular basis to eliminate the other insects you will eliminate the scorpions as well. This is a very misleading statement. Firstly scorpions eat very infrequently, actually once a scorpion eats he most likely will go weeks before another meal, but they will always be seeking moisture. This is why often you will find a scorpion in the shower, tub, or sink. Some people think they come up through the plumbing, this is not so. They wander into the sink, tub, shower, sensing the water, and then since they cannot climb smooth surfaces, they are unable to get out, we will get into that a little later. Lets talk about the sting, and it is a sting not a bite. On the tip of there tail is their stinger, which when used omits a venom. This ability is mainly used for disabling there prey and for protection. Scorpions are not an aggressive creature, meaning they are not going to chase after you. When they sting a human or pet, they are protecting themselves from harm. Most of the time when we get stung we don’t see the scorpion before the sting. Maybe we were going to step on it, or we put our hands somewhere without looking first, or one crawled on us unseen. The sting has a varied effect on each individual. Some experience a level of discomfort or pain similar to a bee, others can suffer for a couple of days, and rarely but it does happen can end up hospitalized. Basically the people most at risk are the elderly and the young. The young because they have not built up their tolerances yet and the elderly becausethey are loosing them. A female scorpion can have a brood of as many as 35 babies at a time. So the one thing you do not want is a pregnant female in your home.

So what can be done to prevent scorpions in your home

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the number of scorpions in your home, To eliminate them there is only one system available, a little costly but it does work and even eliminates other pests as well, we will get to that in the following. Conventional pesticide pest control, spraying of chemicals and powders, this might reduce he numbers of scorpions in and around your home but what you need to know is that no matter what you are told these are poisonous materials and are highly suspected of causing everything from cancers, autism, adhd, respiratory problems and more. You see the companies that produce these chemicals are giant manufacturers and money is their driving force. In addition scorpions are of the arachnid family(spiders), they do not drag their underside along the ground. When they enter a treated area and walk over the pesticide the only part of them being exposed is the tips of their appendages, or little feet. This is not enough exposure to kill them, also they do not groom themselves like cockroaches so that the poison is spread on their bodies. It must be a direct hit with the poison or they need to squeeze through an area or crack that has been treated contacting their body in order for them to die. Natural deterrents like lilac, and some oils, are said to deter scorpions, not eliminate. Diatemacious earth can kill them but its messy, has to be replenished often and is said to be a carcinogenic. Home sealing fills any cracks or openings on your home exterior and interior that are visible. The problem is there is more areas that cannot be filled than their are that can. This method was brought about due to desperation. You can not seal the weep holes that surround your home, or the tile roof above your head. These are the two most common entry points for scorpions and other pests. So again home sealing will reduce the entry points but in no way eliminates them. Black light hunting is popular. Many people go out after dark with a black light flashlight and hunt down scorpions. When the blacklight shines on a scorpion they glow a greenish color and easily spotted. Reducing the number of scorpions on your property can reduce the number that have access to your home, but there are always more. The only effective solution to keeping scorpions out of your home, is with a physical barrier or border that in no way can be crossed. Scorpions do not fly, dig, or jump. They must climb onto your home to get into your home. Keeping scorpions completely off the home eliminates the possibility of them getting into the home. Scorpions are completely unable to climb a smooth surface such as glass. The company Pest Borders manufacturers a glass barrier or border that is installed on the very bottom of the home stopping them from getting on or in the home. If you have any questions regarding Bark Scorpions and how to deal with them see our website at or call us at (480)735-1234

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