New Product The Pest Border Eco

The same unmatched protection as the Pest Border Original but at a more affordable price. The Eco comes in a variety of colors so it will blend into the color of the home and will not be noticed. Call us or fill out one of our contact forms for a quote today.

Pest Borders is continually creating and testing alternatives to pesticide application. Here is a sample of tests for a Pest Border Eco in a backyard exclusionary application. The Pest Border Eco can eliminate the entry of scorpions and other pests into a block walled backyard.

Pest Borders has introduced a more affordable alternative to the Original Pest Border Scorpion Barrier System. Pest Borders is the only company that can offer scorpion exclusion from your home in a permanent way without ever using pesticides, chemicals, powders, etc… Instead of trying to kill the pests, which is an ineffective way to control scorpions and other pests. We have developed a way by understanding the scorpions anatomical makeup and working with and against it to exclude them from the home 100%. It just doesn’t make any sense applying toxic pesticides all around and often inside your home when their is a much better, fully effective alternative. No matter what you are told about pesticides being safe, they aren’t. The scorpion does not have the ability to climb smooth surfaces such as glass, smooth metals, smooth acrylics, porcelain, etc.. With that in mind and the fact that scorpions do not fly, jump, or dig, we know the only way they get into a home is by climbing on it and finding a way in. So if we keep them off of the home – they cannot get into the home, just common sense. The Pest Border Eco is a smooth stripping which is impossible for scorpions to climb, it is adhered to the home on the very bottom of all the exterior walls, columns or pillars, plumbing contacting home, and interior of the garage, not leaving any uncovered surface area. The scorpion cannot climb the Pest Border, can’t jump over the Pest Border, can’t fly over the Pest Border, therefore there is no possible way of finding entry. Not only is the Pest Border 100% effective against scorpions, but there is a long list of pests that cannot cross the Pest Border as well, you will find a tremendous reduction of all pests in your home.

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