Nothing is more important than our families – then why do we keep dumping toxic chemicals in and around our homes?

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Nothing is more important than our families

We continue to apply pesticides really knowing they can’t be good but we keep on doing it why is that? Scorpions, termites, spiders, crickets, etc… people do not like them in there homes, not only are they a nuisance, but at times they can be dangerous and destructive. But you know thats just life. We live with bugs. Well in alot of circumstances that is just not an except-able statement, and people will choose to do anything within their means to get rid of these creatures. Even if it means putting there loved ones at risk. Most people when asked if they think home pesticides are dangerous will answer yes, does that stop them from using them – no. Did you know that the EPA(environmental protection agency) does not require the manufacturers of pesticides like Monsanto, Bayer, Basf, to follow any guidelines in bringing product to market, all they need to do is pay the necessary costs to do so, did you also know that they do not need to list all of the ingredients of these products on their labels, just look for yourself. For those that are somewhat concerned these manufacturers have been out right lying to you in stating that todays pesticides are safe and natural, can you believe they get away with this – I can’t. Let me tell you anything that kills life – KILLS LIFE. Do you have any idea how much of these toxic substances are dumped all around us, in our homes, our children’s schools, parks, basically absolutely every where we go, I am talking 1 billion pounds per year. Our most direct exposure is in and around our homes. The continued exposure to these pesticides are linked to the following conditions and more, Autism, ADHD, Diabetes, Cancer, Birth Defects, Yes Obesity. Many people that suffer from these conditions could have been perfectly healthy today if this politically, greed driven industry was different. Getting us sick is a huge business, billions of dollars a year. Cover up is necessary for the success of this business. Please brothers and sisters open your eyes and understand that pesticides and especially pesticides in your homes can have debilitating effects on your unborn children, your family, yourself and even your pets. We at Pest Borders are on the cutting edge of developing products and systems that will eliminate the usage of pesticides completely. Our focus is the study of the physical and anatomical abilities and inabilities of insects, arachnids, and other pests and using this information to create physical barrier systems in what we call Permanent Pest Control, to eliminate the entry into structures and property.

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