January 26, 2018

Other Services Offered

Cleaning and Maintenance of Pest Border Barrier

Basic scheduled cleaning (recommended every 3 months)  $85.00.

Extensive cleaning (neglected for period of time greater than 3 months) starts at $85.00 cost is determined upon examination. Use the contact form or call us to request a scheduled visit.

Block Wall Sealing

Most homes in Arizona have their back yard surrounded by a block wall. The seams in these block walls are one of the most favorite places for scorpions to hide in, especially during the day. By sealing these seams we reduce the area or places for scorpions to harbor, in turn reducing the scorpion population on your property. Understand this is not a solution but it does help. Pricing for this service depends upon linear footage and condition of block wall.

Interior Home Sweep

Pest Borders offers what we like to call a home sweep. We search the interior of your home in all the areas scorpions like to hide. Depending on the size of your home this can be timely. Our trained eyes and experience help reduce or eliminate any scorpions that might be in your home. This service compliments the installation of a Pest Border Barrier. $75.00 per hour.

Property Evaluation – Scorpion reduction

We will thoroughly examine and evaluate your entire property to give you a complete reduction game plan to deal with your scorpion problem. Price no charge.