January 21, 2021

Pest Border Eco Installation Instructions

Pest Border Installation

– Remove dirt or rock so that you have preferably 2 1/2” – 3” clearance.
– Be sure surface has been cleaned. Brush off any dirt on surface. If washed or power washed be sure surface has enough time to fully dry. Concrete is porous and retains moisture. Wet surface can effect adhesive curing.
– Remove any excess concrete or stucco that might not allow barrier to lay flat.
– Plan ahead – the goal is to have a complete barrier around structure with no exposed space for scorpion to climb onto home. Consider all columns, pillars, attachments to home, and doors. Layout barrier strip(s) to check clearance and length. Mark and make necessary length cut.
– Apply adhesive (we recommend Dap Alex Plus Clear) down center of strip if surface is not flat or has concavities be shore to fill in with adhesive or build up on barrier strip.
– Press strip onto wall using small leveler to get it on straight. Be sure to press entire strip working one end to other to spread adhesive well.
– When finishing corner junctions apply adhesive in space between to strips and small amount in 90 degree of corner piece and apply.
– Try to look ahead in placement so that barrier will be uniform around corners and junctions.
– Repeat these steps for interior of garage with aluminum for garage.
– Wrap all pipes that lead from ground to house with enclosed polished aluminum strips using zip ties. Any wires can be wrapped with aluminum ducting tape.
– Call us with any questions or guidance with your installation process.
Pest Borders