August 1, 2016

Pest Borders Barrier Technology

 Pest Borders Barrier Technology

Applying Pesticides is Damaging to Health and the Environment and How Well does it Really Work on Scorpions?

The Pest Border Barrier Technology Systems when it comes to scorpion pest control is 100% effective, and works on a vast array of other pests, ex; termites, spiders, crickets, fire ants, silverfish, and more.




Pest Borders has been installing our pest border barrier technology systems on homes throughout Arizona delivering 100% results in eliminating the entry of Scorpions and other pests since we opened in 2013. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

For decades Pest Control has been accepted as a chemical application procedure. This indoctrination in our minds and lives have made companies like Monsanto and Basf very rich. Whats the perfect business one that the customer needs to keep returning to and buying product. They wouldn’t have it any other way. Do you think they want a permanent fix for pest control? How about a cure for cancer? Or a drug you only have to take once. I do not think so. Say goodbye to the continuous application of poisonous chemicals around your home, and stop throwing away your money. A Pest Border installation is a one time investment adds value to your home and fixes that pest problem permanently.

The Pest Border Barrier Technology

The Pest Border barrier technology is the only truly successful and safe way to eliminate scorpions and many other pests from your home. It is a one time installation for the life of your home, at a very affordable cost. The Pest Border completely eliminates the entry of scorpions, termites, spiders, crickets, and many other pests without pesticides. It eliminates your monthly pest control bill, so you pay only once for installation. But most importantly – no more harmful chemicals in and around your home. Stop throwing away your money, and stop putting your loved ones at risk. Pest Borders offers a no charge consultation and estimate at your home at your convenience.

Scorpions, many types of spiders, termites, crickets, and other insects do not have the ability to climb very smooth surfaces such as glass. Simply put we completely surround your home and garage with our patent pending Pest Border product at the very bottom of your exterior walls and interior walls of your garage, under all door ways, columns, and conduit leading to the home. The pests walk from the ground to the Pest Border, they can not climb it – they cannot get onto your home – therefore they cannot get into your home.

In many villages around the world the natives line the bottom of there huts with glass bottles and smooth metal cans to form an unclimbable barrier for pests like scorpions.


Many people think scorpions come through the front door, this might be true for some and that is why we protect all of your entry ways. The most common entry points in homes is through the weep holes and your roof. Of course if there are any cracks or openings, electrical boxes, poorly sealed windows, light fixtures, the Pest Border Barrier Technology prevents entry for any and all possibilities.

Speaking of weep holes, most stucco built homes have these openings around the entire perimeter of the home.

IMG_1535_2 Before Home Sealing

They are there for air flow to keep the wood frame of the home dry to prevent mold. These should not be covered up. Pest Control companies that offer home sealing services know this but won’t tell you about them for obvious reasons.

IMG_1534 After Home Sealing

This home owner paid $1800.00 to have his home sealed by a leading pest control company, They did not tell him about the weep holes – the owner had not the slightest idea, needless to say he still had scorpions in his home and ended up calling us for a final fix.


Typical work

What you see here is a home sealing job done by The Leading home sealing company here in phoenix. We will not mention the name. You can see the carelessness in their workmanship, examining this home we found 100’s of these gaps around the entire perimeter. This home owner paid $2000 for this and was completely unaware of this and of course the company said nothing of the weep holes. We have installed our Pest Border on many homes that have been home sealed, this is what we have found on everyone of them – no exceptions

IMG_1377 Pest Border Installation beneath the weep holes

This is real Pest Control, Scorpions, Termites, Black Widow Spiders, etc., can not get passed The Pest Border Barrier – Keep them off your home – Keep them out of your home.