August 6, 2016

Pest Borders Photo Album

The Pest Border Eco comes in 100 different colors to match the paint color of your home.
Never again scorpions in your home with the Pest Border Eco Scorpion Barrier. Take a tour and learn about the Pest Border Eco.
Scorpions do not fly, jump, or dig, the only way they get into your home is by climbing on to it and finding a way in. Often the seam in the j trim or weep holes. You can see the Eco Barrier is on the very bottom of the home beneath any entry points. There is no other product that can do what the Pest Border does that includes home sealing and spray on silicone epoxy both do not work in keeping scorpions out don’t be fooled by these companies false claims.
The Pest Border encircles the home completely, no surface is left exposed for a scorpion to climb.
This cinder block has been treated with the new silicone epoxy as you can see scorpions can still climb. Don’t be fooled – nothing works like the Pest Border.


Pest Control for scorpions. Pest Control for termites, and many other pests has never been dealt with more effectively and safely. Completely green to the environment. Permanent Pest Control – The Pest Border Barrier System will protect your home, family, and pets for the life of your home with just one affordable installation.




Here is a close up of the Pest Border Barrier. As you can see the frame is color matched to home. This form of Pest Control stops scorpions and other Pests at the very bottom of the home before they can reach any area that might give them a way to enter the home.



Pest Control for scorpions has always been a problem for home owners. Pesticide application is not effective. Here you can see the Pest Border Barrier placed on the stem wall of this home, beneath the ventilation weep holes which are notorious for insect entry.



When it comes to successful scorpion pest control complete coverage of the barrier is essential. Here is a typical placement under the front entry


IMG_0922           IMG_1523

IMG_2061                                      IMG_2051

IMG_0131  IMG_1253


Not only did we eliminate scorpions from the entry of this home with installation on the home, but with proper design we have protected this courtyard as well. The surrounding wall is protected with The Pest Border which continues beneath the front gate. This home was scorpion proofed in the back yard pool area as well.



This is the view of the backyard of previous photo home. Pest Control without pesticides, creates a barrier which eliminates scorpions, termites, and many other pests from entering the protected areas. This home has a large entertainment area in the back yard which is now protected with Permanent Pest Control



Every Pest Border installation is custom designed and installed as to the structural needs.


IMG_0047 IMG_0100


In cases where the door entry threshold is level with the outside a custom sash is fabricated in order to accommodate the barrier.


IMG_1456                    IMG_1458

IMG_1572 IMG_1586


Pests can climb up pillars or columns to get into the home so all columns and pillars are protected in every installation.


IMG_1809 IMG_1622


Scorpions can climb up pipes leading to the home that is why we protect all plumbing and conduit with our Pest Control Rings, which are uncrossable.



In order for the Pest Border Barrier System to work 100% it is necessary to include the garage. We use a highly polished aluminum product to keep pests from entering the home from the garage.



The ultimate in Pest Control. Imagine being able to keep your home free of scorpions, termites, spiders, crickets, and many other pests, successfully and effectively, with out the use of any toxic pesticides. Pest Control that is done once for the life of the home.

IMG_1012 IMG_0962


Of course if you have cabinets in your garage they must be protected as well.



Pest Border placement on the opposite side of your backyard walls will protect your backyard.



This is how block walls connected to the home are handled.



Basement wells need to be protected as well.

The Pest Border explained touring an installation on a home in scottsdale, arizona.