Scorpion Pest Control in Gilbert Arizona

The Pest Border Barrier Technology

The only real solution to scorpion exclusion. Scorpion pest control in

The Pest Border barrier technology is the only truly successful and safe way to eliminate scorpions and many other pests from your home. It is a one time installation for the life of your home, at a very affordable cost. The Pest Border completely eliminates the entry of scorpions, termites, spiders, crickets, and many other pests without pesticides.  Pest Borders offers a no charge consultation and estimate at your home at your convenience.

Scorpions, many types of spiders, termites, crickets, and other insects do not have the ability to climb very smooth surfaces such as glass. Simply put we completely surround your home and garage with our patent pending Pest Border product at the very bottom of your exterior walls and interior walls of your garage, under all door ways, columns, and conduit leading to the home. The pests walk from the ground to the Pest Border, they can not climb it – they cannot get onto your home – therefore they cannot get into your home.

In many villages around the world the natives line the bottom of there huts with glass bottles and smooth metal cans to form an unclimbable barrier for pests like scorpions.

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